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Our area of practice include not limited to:

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Our firm is dynamic and highly experienced in the area of civil litigation service. Our litigation services cut across and enhance all of our areas of practice. We cater for clients throughout the Sydney and Australia, which include not only individuals, but also many corporate entities,

We take the time to counsel clients before, during and after litigation and seek to minimize litigation expenses where we see possible.

Some of the diverse types of litigation matters we deal with are:

  • Director/shareholders disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Compensation claims
  • Contractual claims
  • Business dispute litigation
  • Employment related claims
  • Escalated situation between neighbours

Insurance Law

ZK & AS Lawyers handles a wide variety of insurance matters. We handle domestic claims as well as complex insurance disputes. We have an exceptional track record of achieving settlements in insurance disputes. We take a commercial and pragmatic approach in seeking to resolve insurance disputes and will suggest litigation where absolutely necessary.

We also guide on policy drafting and compliance issues including risk reduction strategies. Our approach is to deliver industry best practice and to add substantial value by implementing some personalized insurance strategies.

Criminal Law

We work with leading Barristers in the area of criminal law, With our experience in Criminal law, we ensure the delivery of instant expert legal advice and representation.

Our lawyers at ZK & AS Lawyers believe that at healthy defense for anybody is equal to absolute fundamental human right, so our lawyers are known for their determined effort to establish our clients' innocence until they are proven guilty and ensuring that their best interests are served.

At ZK & AS Lawyers we have expertise and we regularly appear in the local court/district court for matter including but not limited to - AVO, PVO, Assault, Drink Driving, Domestic Violence matters and Traffic Offence matters.

No matter what the case might be whether it is a minor or high profile matter, at ZK & AS Lawyers we will provide you with the best advice and proper representation that you require.

Family Law

ZK & AS lawyers are affiliated with senior Barristers who have vast knowledge in divorce and family law proceedings.

Whether starting or dissolution of a relationship, our divorce and family lawyers can help. We have an array of experienced family lawyers who are capable and knowledgeable to take care of all legal aspects of divorce and relationship failure, providing all the advice and support you need whether to reach an agreement with your partner, or divorce settlements, responsibilities as a parent when a relationship breaks down or apply to the courts for a ruling where negotiation and agreement are possible or not possible.

Our team are also in the position to provide advice on the necessary factors to put into consideration when starting a relationship, tying the knots or considering starting a family.

General Litigation

ZK & AS Lawyers has the experience to resolve the matter in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner. Unfortunately, all matters cannot be settled through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, In such circumstances ZK & AS Lawyers will advice you on your rights and responsibilities and recommend litigation where possible.

We can represent you in all courts including Tribunal, Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court, Federal Magistrate Court and High Court.

In complex litigation matters we will recommend briefing Barristers, this at times is helpful in achieving our aim which is to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

Immigration Law

Immigration law is complex without formal qualifications and specialization. This is why you need experts to maximize your chances of getting the right services.

At ZK & AS Lawyers, we offer practical and professional solutions to all migration matters. Our team of licensed Migration consultants provide services in many areas of Immigration law, such as skilled migration, family, business, and reviews.

We have expertise to represent in migration appeals and review matters in AAT and the Federal Court.

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