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Directors dispute - When things go wrong


June 28, 2016

Drink Driving Offences NSW

Drink Driving (DUI Penalties) is a serious offence in NSW which carries penalties such as - Jail Term, Fine , Criminal Conviction and Disqualification period, this depends on the level of consumption by the accused. To assist clients we present FAQ but it must be noted that this information must not be relied for legal advice purposes as each circumstances may differ: I have been charged for drink driving what will happen now ? If you have been charged with drink driving you will be s...

April 23, 2016

Divorce for overseas marriage in Australia

We have come across several migrant clients who were married overseas and now the marriage has broken-down and the parties intend to lodge for a divorce in Australia. We have developed some FAQ for your reference, kindly note that content must not be relied for legal advice purposes as each individual circumstances may differ: I had a traditional marriage in India and my marriage was registered as per the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 in India, is my marriage valid ? Yes, as per - Marriage...

April 15, 2016


The articles provides information and discussion about the legal procedures for educational purpose only. The content from the article must not be relied on for legal advice, as each specific circumstances differs. By reading this article you understand that no client-legal retainer is created and the article must not be used as an alternative for legal advice. ...

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